Go urges Pinoys not to get complacent with new Covid variants

Senator Christopher “Bong” Go has reminded Filipinos to strictly adhere to government-imposed protocols, such as the mandatory wearing of masks and face shields in public places amidst the continuing Covid-19 threat, and at the same time urged authorities to strictly implement the same mandatory protocols and provide free masks and face shields to the poor who cannot afford them.

A study published by the University of the Philippines-OCTA Research showed that only 61% of Metro Manila respondents always or regularly use their face shields when outside their homes.

“The fight against Covid-19 is not yet over. Let’s not put our guard down. Let’s obey government policies because it’s for our own good),” Go urged.

“Every Filipino life matters. For those who can’t afford mask and face shield, the government should provide them for the public so they could comply,” he added, noting that the emerging new Covid-19 variants, including the B117 strain discovered in the United Kingdom, are reportedly 7% more infectious, and the primary way to prevent their transmission is by wearing masks and face shields.

“It’s normal for virus to mutate when transmitted to a person. That’s why it is important to wear mask and face shield to prevent further infection and mutation,” he said, noting that despite the decreasing numbers of new Covid-19 cases in the country, it is vital to remind Filipinos to comply with health protocols to put a stop to the spread of coronavirus.

Go and his team have been going around the country to aid vulnerable sectors to cope with the adverse effects of the crisis. They have been providing masks, face shields, vitamins, and other essential goods to market vendors, ordinary workers, and victims of fires and natural disasters, among others.

He said the government, as a whole, must do its best to unburden Filipinos by shouldering the cost while ensuring that basic needs, including personal protective items like face masks and face shields are provided to those who cannot afford them.

Photo: Senator Christopher “Bong” Go/Facebook

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