Over 1,000 more jeepneys return to MManila streets

Over 1,000 more jeepneys return to Metro Manila streets  beginning Wednesday this week.

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) in its Facebook post said a total of 1,043 TPUJs have been allowed to resume service in eight separate routes after the publication of its Memorandum Circular (MC) 2020-073.

The eight routes include T181 Evergreen Subdivision – Bagong Silang/Evergreen Subdivision – Philcoa; T3189 MCU – Recto via F. Huetias, Oroquieta; T3190 Pier South – Project 6 via España; T3191 Pier South – Project 8 via Quezon Ave.; T3192 Project 6 – T.M. Kalaw via Quezon Ave.; T3193 Project6 – Vito Cruz via Quezon Ave.; T3194 Project 8 – Quiapo via Roosevelt Ave.; and T3195 Project 8 – T.M. Kalaw via Quezon Ave.

LTFRB said “roadworthy PUVs with valid and existing CPC or Application for Extension of Validity and registered to a Personal Passenger Insurance Policy will be allowed to ply the routes included in the MC).”

It also reiterated that “there is no fare increase allowed for these TPUJs unless ordered by the LTFRB.”

LTFRB said there are now 35,022 TPUJs in 387 routes,  859 modern public utility jeepneys in 48 routes; 4,499 public utility buses (PUBs); 390 point-to-point buses in 34 routes; 6,755 UV Express units in 118 routes; 21,436 taxis; 25,068 transport network vehicle services; 680 provincial PUBs in 27 routes; and 40 modern UV Express units in two routes.

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