Russia to allow e-visa application for Filipinos starting 2021

Russia has included the Philippines among 53 countries eligible to apply for its new e-visa program, which allows holders to enter and travel to more destinations.

“Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has signed a directive approving a list of countries whose citizens can apply for e-visas. The list comprises 52 countries, including the Philippines, whose citizens could apply for an e-visa during the pilot stage of the project,” the Russian embassy in Manila said in a recent announcement.

In 2017, Russia launched a similar e-visa project but with certain restrictions. It only allowed e-visa holders to enter Russia through checkpoints in its Far Eastern Federal District covering St. Petersburg. Leningrad and the Kaliningrad regions where they can travel, but not outside them.

The new e-visa policy, effective starting 2021, broadens travel across Russia. “Foreigners can enter via the specially equipped checkpoints anywhere in the country and travel throughout Russia. In addition, the duration of their stay has been extended from eight to 16 days,” the embassy said.

“Starting 2021, Filipinos will have an easy way to visit Russia,” it added. E-visas will be issued online for tourism, business, humanitarian, and guest trips.

E-visa applicants, the embassy said, do not need an invitation, hotel booking, or other documents to confirm their reasons for travel. The consular fee is USD40 but free for children aged under six, it added.

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