PNP Lt. Colonel relieved for molesting detained former Ozamiz City vice mayor

Philippine National Police (PNP) has relieved and placed under restrictive custody the head id its Custodial Service Unit for sexually assaulting a detainee, former Ozamiz City vice mayor Nova Princess Parojinog.

PNP spokesperson, Col. Ysmael Yu said their Custodial Cener chief, Police Lt. Col. Jigger Noceda. is charged with rape, acts of lasciviousness, unjust vexation, and a violation of the Safe Spaces Act. The charges were filed by the PNP Women and Children Protection Center (WCPC) before the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office based on the affidavit submitted by Parojinog.

Yu said the Chief PNP has strongly stressed Noceda’s acts “are not virtues of a responsible, respectable and disciplined” police official” and “will be dealt with accordingly.”

Parojinog was detained at the PNP Custodial Center, under Noceda, for drug and illegal possession of firearms charges following a police raid in their residence in July 2017.

Then Ozamiz City mayor Reynaldo Parojinog, he father, and at least 14 others were killed during the raid.

Based on her three-page affidavit, Parojinog said he was sexually assaulted by Noceda in two instances — on June 9 and on September 7. On June 9, she said Noceda called her to his office after she asked, through a letter, when they will be allowed to accept visitors since government has relaxed its anti-coronavirus disease protocols.

Parojinog said Noceda informed her they can already accept visitors and in fact, her daughter is already waiting for her in the visiting area. Before she stepped out of his office, however, Noceda asked if they can take a “selfie.”

She said Noceda then pushed her against the wall and kissed her, which shocked her prompting he to walk out of the room immediately.

She went on to see her daughter, told her what happened, and instructed her to immediately call for their lawyers. On September 7, Parojinog said she again requested to talk to Noceda about any possible court orders which she should be aware of.

She said when she stood up to leave after their discussion,  Noceda also stood up and again pushed her against the wall and touched her private parts. She said he told her  no one would listen even if she screams for help nor he will be fired even if she filed a complaint.

Parojinog said Noceda also asked her if she can still get pregnant after she was able to free herself by telling him  someone can see them through the windows.

Parojinog said she reported the incidents to PNP officials which prompted an investigation. On September 26, she said Noceda pleaded for her to retract her complaints and apologized for what he did.

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