Manila folks, other Pinoys support anti-noise ban

Residents of Manila and most other Filipinos who have long endured the “musical noise” their neighbors impose of them, through mindless videoke or karaoke singing sessions, fully support the anti-noise ordinances local government units are urged to enact to save young children from distraction while studying at home.

Recently, operatives from the Manila Police District (MPD), Manila Barangay Bureau, and the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) made the rounds of various  barangays in Manila, and announced the strict implementation of Ordinance 8688, which “prohibits the use of karaokes, videokes and other sound-producing devices Monday to Saturday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. which disturb communities. The ordinance metes penalties for violators.

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno ordered the police rounds to remind residents they will be meted with penalties if they violate the ordinance. The initiative comes as blended learning classes started, under which students and teachers stay at home for their online classes.

Reacting to reports of such ban, one netizen, Rhea Ferrer said in her post: “It’s good you passed such an ordinance because we have a ‘frustrated rockstar’ neighbor who plays music as if the whole community is his audience.”

Another netizen, who identified here merely as Perlita,  thanked the Manila City Hall since the ordinance does not  only ban videokes and karaokes but other noise-producing devices also.  

She said: Thank you. For years we have been suffering from the noise coming from our neighbor. I hope they too will be prohibited so we could have a peaceful community for the sake of our students and those working from home.”

In a previous incident in Cabanatuan City, a young Social Working employed by the City Social Welfare and Development Office and the daughter of a Barangay Kagawad )of all people), when requested to tone down their wild karaoke session in their yard, even reasoned out that they force no one to listen to them.

Residents of many other communities nationwide have likewise voiced their support for the anti-noise measure and are now urging their local governments to enact the necessary ordinances for the purpose.

The Philippine National Police earlier urged the public to report to local officials those who create unnecessary noise that disrupts online classes and modular learning of students in their homes, as well as employees working from home.

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