Palace: Probe results show EJKs are not state-sponsored

MANILA – Malacanang said the results of the inquiries it has discreetly ordered into extrajudicial killings (EJK) being blamed on government show they are not state-sponsored.

President Duterte noted that extrajudicial killings have long been happening in the country. He admitted he himself was perplexed by the EJKs which was why he ordered a discreet inquiry into them.

In his recent weekly Talk to the People program on TV, the President pointed out that some killings stemmed from conflicts between rival drug syndicates. “The results I received is that sometimes there is a rivalry of the turf, within their territories, who is in charge.”

He stressed he has never killed anyone or ordered anyone to be killed. “I cannot really find a good reason to prosecute an innocent man. The public can even verify if I have killed or ordered the killing of any person. You can any policeman or the DILG or Defense Secretaries.”

Duterte said there is an ongoing campaign against illegal drugs and other crimes in the country which also led to the deaths of police and soldiers.

In a recent media briefing, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said Duterte’s past claims about killing anyone were merely done to generate attention and discussion.

Duterte also claimed communist rebels are “out to destroy” the government by “inventing” stories about harassment, oppression, and murder. They are “out to the very government in which they are enjoying the blessings of democracy,” he added.

In the related development, Duterte ordered authorities to destroy confiscated shabu within a week to prevent them from being recycled. “Do it in one week,” he said, adding he sees no reason to keep confiscated drugs sitting in facilities for so long.

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