Classes resume; DepEd assures help for parents and teachers

MANILA – The Department of Education has assured it will help parents. teachers and students cope with the online blended mode of learning.

DeoEd Undersecretary Tonisito Umali said in a recent TV interview, the now coduct various training to update parents and teachers on how to use technology in teaching. He urged parents to be positive and look at the new normal in the system of education as challenges instead of problems.

Umali said the training is designed to help impart quality education to learners. He explained that parents need not learn and teach the subjects to their children even if they can do it but it will be better id they do, particularly for children in their early grade levels. Parents, however, can be effective learning facilitators, motivators and teachers of discipline, he added.

“This means that they are being given the right knowledge – what to expect if they access the internet; how children can surf safely the internet; what are the risks; what are the websites that may pose danger to their children; and how to access different resources via the internet,” he stressed.

Umali pointed out that these things are not easy, as the country’s system of education was designed for face to face interaction between teachers and learners.

To date, Umali said the distribution of self-learning modules remains a challenge as some parents failed to get them from the schools. DepEd, he assured, however, will deliver them house to house if needed.

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