Smallest Pinoy jeepney a hit with people

BAGUIO CITY – The Philippines’ smallest jeepney, measuring 19 inches long, 42 inches wide and 55 inches tall, and powered by a 3-cylinder Suzuki multicab engine is a constant hit among local folks here.

Customized and painted red, blue, white and yellow, the colors of the Philippine flag, It never fails to elicit approving smiles among people who see it. The xmall vehicle can carry four people including its driver.

The iconic Filipino mini-jeepney was fabricated by Ronald “Tonton” Tan in 2015 and baptized it Jeepito. He said he wants to help revive Baguio City’s “Trip ni Jeepito” campaign to help boost the local government’s efforts to breathe life back to the city’s tourism sector that has been downed flat by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tan brings “Jeepito” to Baguio City’s public parks on weekends to allow people, especially visitors to have their photos with it for free. People describe the mini-jeepney “amazing.”

Tan said he designed Jeepito to become the smallest Philippine jeepney which he registered with the local Land Transportation Office prior to its public display in 2015. It is also patented.

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