PH ranks among world’s top digital risers

The Digital Riser Report 2020 of the Berlin-based European Center for Digital Competitiveness by ESCP Business School has ranked the Philippines among world’s top digital risers.

The Philippines tops all countries in East Asia and the Pacific region. France and Saudi Arabia ranks first among G7 countries and G20 nations, respectively.

The report said “the Philippines was the top Digital Riser over the last three years in East Asia and the Pacific.” It analyzes a country’s digital competitiveness during the last three years indicated by digital ecosystem and mindset.

The Philippines also ranked first in mindset dimension and second in ecosystem.

“The Philippines’ outperformance can mainly be explained by its Innovate Start-up Act lighthouse initiative passed in 2019 to strengthen, promote and develop an innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem and culture,” the report said.

The report cited the government’s regulation on startup visas for owners, employees, and investors as part of the Start-up Assistance Program 2019-2023; prioritizing and expediting promising startups and enablers for their applications with state services; and directing educational institutions to integrate entrepreneurship in their curricula as well as providing grants and incentives to academic institutions.

Thailand is next to the Philippines, followed by Indonesia, China, Cambodia, Japan, Mongolia, Brunei, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Laos. New Zealand hugs the bottom spot.

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