Continued vigilance urged despite reported flattening Covid-19 curve

The reported but still unconfirmed flattening of the Covid-19 infection curve is no reason for the public to disregard stringent health protocols against the pandemic.

Secretary Vince Dizon, deputy chief implementor of the National Task Force (NTF) against Covid-19 said it is not yet time to be confident and neglect the minimum health standards and other preventive measures to contain the dreaded disease.

“It doesn’t mean the problem is over even if the curve already flattened. No, we still have a long way to go and this challenge may extend until next year,” Dizon said.

Experts from the University of the Philippines OCTA Research team, noted that the country has sustained the flattening of the curve. Dizon, however, said the public should not be complacent and should not ignore the threat of Covid-19.

The NTF said the government still needs to intensify its intervention and should be consistent in imposing all precautionary measures so that “we can even lower the confirmed cases and the spike of cases can be prevented nationwide.”

Dizon reiterated that the public should embrace the “new normal” practices and adhere to the minimum health standards, even inside households. He noted that in recent months, the virus transmissions occur frequently not only on workplaces but also inside households.

“Maybe in the next few days or weeks, we will have our guidelines, but the public should always think), we have to be protected at all times,” he stressed and urged the public not to underestimate the risks of Covid-19.

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